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604 053 922

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telefon hurtownia fotowoltaiczna

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panele fotowoltaiczne Modules:

Canadian Solar 460W
Swiss Solar 500W EiGER
Swiss Solar 500W EiGER BIFACIAL

TALESUN SOLAR 450W Bifacial Glass/Glass

Bluesun Solar 500W SHINGLED
Bluesun Solar 425W HEX
Bluesun Solar 335W 9BB
Bluesun Solar 325W

plus Quantity:

falownik pv Inverters:

HYBRID Solplanet ASW08KH-T1
HYBRID Solplanet ASW10KH-T1
HYBRID Solplanet ASW12KH-T1
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW3690S
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW3000T
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW4000T
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW5000T
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW6000T
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW8000T
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW10000T
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW12K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW13K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW15K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW20K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW30K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW33K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW36K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW45K-LTG2
ON-GRID Solplanet ASW50K-LTG2

 Energy storage:

Pylontech Force H2 - 7,10 kW
Pylontech Force H2 - 10,65 kW
Pylontech Force H2 - 14,20 kW

konstrukcja montażu paneli fotowoltaicznych Mounting systems:

Other products:

PROJOY fire safety switch

TIGO optimizers

Junction Box 1 String AC/DC protection

Junction Box 2 Strings AC/DC protection

Solar cabel 6mm2 black

Solar cabel 6mm2 blackSolar cabel 6mm2 red

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